Friday, August 20, 2010

How to convert a .trm file to a .mp3 file (Court Transcription Audio Files)

Recently I was tasked with the problem of trying to convert a court audio recording (.trm) to .mp3 so that the file could be easily shared with others involved in the litigation. After extensive Google searching I found there is no direct way that you can convert .trm to .mp3.

What you can do, however, is simply have the file play and use a program that will capture the audio playing on the computer and encode that as an .mp3.

First, to open the .trm file you need to have a program that is capable of opening this file and playing it. I used ForTheRecord player, available free here.
You must first register at the site (free) to allow you to download the free software.

Then I tried several free audio capturing programs before I finally found one that not only worked, but was pretty easy to install and use... FreeCorder.

Free corder actually installs as a tool bar on your internet explorer... not my favorite place to have it installed, but it works and the price is right... (free!).

Simply launch Internet Explorer and get your trm player ready. Then click the Record Audio button on the Freecorder bar in Internet Explorer to start the recording.

Now quickly hit play on your trm player. You will see Freecorder capturing and recording the audio.

When you are done capturing the audio, simply move the mouse over the Freecorder recording window and hit Stop Recording.

Once you hit Stop Recording your mp3 version of whatever audio you were playing will be saved to a folder name Freecorder in your My Documents folder. In my particular setup, two copies of the audio file were saved using different drivers. Just pick the one that sounds the best if this happens.

Now you know how to not only convert .trm files to .mp3, but virtually convert any type of audio to .mp3!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blackberry Torch Enterprise Activation (9800)

How to Activate Enterprise Activation on a Blackberry Torch 9800.
For some reason, RIM decided that they would change the Enterprise Activation location (even though its been in the same place for years). First thing I tried to do was go to Settings --> Options --> Advanced Options... but alas, this no longer exists.

Here is where you go to set up Enterprise Activation on the Blackberry Torch.

First Click Setup on the Home screen.

Then click Email Accounts.

Then enter in your email address and enterprise activation password to continue.

Click activate to begin the activation!


If you do not see the Enterprise Activation icon, first make sure that you are able to browse the internet. Also if you have just powered on your phone for the first time it may take a minute or two for all the services to become available. If you still do not see the Enterprise Activation icon try removing the battery for 10 seconds, let the phone power back up and then try again. If this still does not work, you may need to call customer service and have them double check that you have a data plan which supports corporate email (BES). A comparison of AT&T's data plans can be found on their web site at the following location: